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Prologue: In the world today the government has been going after the members of The Order of the Resistance Society, an ancient order that was, and is still against the government. The government took a while to find out if the Order still remained in the collapse of the human society. Once they did they went all out, burning all the houses of the members, killing them or giving them no place to live with their giant robot that sprays fire, so the Order hid all their magic relics from them, and they are still out there in the world unfound…


It’s always dark in the vampire world, and everyone is the same but me, and my sister Tsuki. In the vampire world everyone’s skin is white and their hair is always a purple color, but my hair is black with red highlights at the end, and my skin is tan like human skin. Humans were destroyed ages ago, and whenever I get a DNA test the answer is unknown. So what is it?

CRASH! Wood falls right on my back burning as bright as the sun. I wake up and quickly lift the burning wood off my back. The fire is still burning on my skin, but I feel nothing. I run. As I run I see a horrible sight, the huge red government robot shooting the fire at my house. 

Why did they burn down my house? My parents told me they weren’t part of the Order, I remember them saying, “Miko we are not part of the Order stop asking.’’ Maybe they were and just didn’t tell me. 

I ran into the forest, and tripped on a C.D. What kind of music is this? The words were all weird symbols but something in my mind was telling me what it said. Maybe it’s from where I’m from. 

That same night I was walking through the forest, and I saw a red light coming from the ground, drawing me towards it. I dig it up. It’s a box with a weird symbol on it. Wait, I know this symbol. 

It’s the original symbol for the Order of the Resistance Society.  

I open it cautiously. I find 2 big swords that look like lightning bolts. I take them out of the box and put them on the floor when I realize there is a note at the bottom of the box. I read it.

Anyone who finds this keep it safe, don’t tell anyone you have this. If you’re ever in trouble, point the lightning bolts together, and they will save you, Signed ?

The person who wrote this letter actually signed it with a question mark, probably because they wanted it to be secret. 

My family was definitely part of the order, because the government won’t burn down your house otherwise, or they would be fired. The one thing I wonder though is why didn’t my parents tell me, they could have done something better than them and my sister dying. 

One day later, I find a strange looking gun thing. Later that day as I looked at the stuff I found closer, and I realized the person on the cover of the C.D. was holding the same gun that I just found. Maybe it’s a clue. Right as I pick it up I hear noises, big noises. It was the government robot.

“Can’t believe you fell for that trap’’ the robot yells.

I look up at the huge black, and red clunk of metal that was the government robot. I stand there, and say nothing. When the robot realizes what I have in my hand it starts yelling. 


I know what’s going on now. The lightning bolt swords must be a magic relic of the Order that once defeated or kept the government from figuring out something important.

“All of this time the Order has been overpowering us, beating us at our own game. All we wanted to do is to find a new place where no one can ever overpower us, and now we have found the one who will help us, YOU WILL SURRENDER TO MEEEEEEE! PREPARE THE WEAPONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” the robot screeches with annoyance. 

The robot starts shooting fire and spears at me. I dodge left and right, swords in hand. It starts raining. 


I remember what the note said about the lightning bolts, so they must have some sort of power.

As the missile comes towards me, I know what I have to do, I point the lightning bolts at the missiles and a huge burst of magic, so bright in the night sky goes shooting the missile back to the robot. 

CLUNK!!!! I hear the missile hit the robot. “AHHHHHH” the robot screams. 

He shoots more missiles, I slide back and forth on the wet ground, shooting them back at it.

CLUNK! BANG! CLUNK! The missiles hit the robot hard. 

 “THAT’S ENOUGH, GO ALL OUT!!!!!!” the robot screams as it throws missiles, fire, trees, and anything in his reach at me. 

I dodge them sliding and sloshing around. I know what to do now, beat this robot and force him to tell me where I’m from. He must know. 

I shoot the missiles one by one jumping on, and over them, sloshing on the wet ground. 

CRACK! I think the robot is breaking. Here is my chance, time to end it. 

The robot throws a final fist at me, I climb up the fist as I go back at the robot and I take my leap.

I jumped straight at the robot’s face, my swords combining into one, the lightning from the rainstorm hitting the swords making them stronger.


Everything goes white.

I look at the robot, nothing but ashes of metal. I did it, I saved myself, and the world from the government. 

The news reporters come in and I explain almost everything.

That night, I went back to the sight of the broken down house. An army official came towards me. “We have seen no sight or remains of your sister, your parents were found, and are dead, but your sister is nowhere to be found. The government is searching to find my sister, and in the meantime they are building a new house. 

The next day I start working for the government, making new laws and rules. 

“Miko look,” said the Head of Government Technology.

I look at her computer. 

“I’ve found life forms on the planet where the humans were destroyed’’ she says 

“Send me there right away” I reply 

This could be the discovery of a lifetime, and maybe where I’m from. 

To be continued…


About The Author 

Julia Corra is from New York. She likes math, drawing, and writing. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, drawing, and playing Splatoon 2 with WalkThePlank Gaming on Youtube, or playing by herself. I hope you enjoy this story!! =D