This story is by Jade Margileth, who was part of Write Summer camp for young writers. You can find all the stories by Write Summer writers here. If you’re a young write age 7 to 14 and would like to participate in Write Summer camp, you can find out all the details here.

I walk into my next class seeing my greatest enemy… my math teacher. She asks whether the shy kid copied or not. Even though I didn’t do it, I still took the blame. Right after class I go to walk out of this disastrous place with “alsa team should win”, and other dumb sayings like that. The shy girl Ella walks up to me and thanks me , I say in response “ your welcome” then try and keep moving on with my walk home.  She then comes back and says “if my parents found out I got that from they wouldve used their 150th time torturing me with a torture device.” I didn’t know that I saved her from possible death. It felt good to save a life, honestly. I walked home with swarms of thoughts of whether I would or would not kill my math teacher, which I always think about. But now it goes deeper to whether I’d save the life that I killed because it feels so good. I’m finally at home with my strict but not that strict mom. I am in and I have tons of homework assigned by guess who, my math teacher she literally gave us 100 pages to do tonight so I try to do fifty today and then the other fifty tomorrow. I finally go to sleep. I wake up in this strange place in which the ground is made of toast. My math teacher shows up and suddenly I panic. She starts throwing paper at me then goes away as I pass out  again. I wake up and then see something that looks alot like myself. I try to defeat it by punching it but then my twin from the alternate dimension blocks it. She forces the wind toward me. I then use my wits that I didn’t know I had, and I do the same thing back at her and know her down. She then knocks me down. I actually feel the pain and I don’t feel like I will wake up anytime soon even if I try. I then wonder if I die in the dream I die in real life. I get punched right In the nose and I hear a break. I hit back and saw some differences in the body. I kick her or should I say him in the crotch area and then find a knife in the ground and stab her right in the chest. I feel super bad right now, but also kind of good. I feel dizzy again, why do I keep passing out? Oh lord I see another person, do I have to kill him like I’ve killed others too many times today. I ask who he is. And he says his name “Andrew”. That name sounds super hot, He looks super hot. I say  mine “Bella”. He blushes for some reason, does he like me? I don’t know but I for sure like him.  I don‘t know whether he is good or bad.